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January 01 2015

OK, so it's 2015 now. Where's my hoverboard?!

December 26 2014

Just went to see the Boxing Day hunt. Around 40 horses galloping along the High Street.  

November 05 2014

Bonfire night tonight. And I just saw a rainbow on the way home. Yay!

October 13 2014


October 07 2014

/me swaps around Pause and Delete keys on new laptop.

October 06 2014

Haha funny cat! ROFLASTC!

October 04 2014


September 29 2014


September 24 2014

My answer to "What's wrong with Dr Seuss?" this morning has already become my third most highly voted answer on Stack Exchange. Clearly I need to give up programming and become a poet.

September 14 2014


August 16 2014

It turns out an 11 mile walk in the country with a 5 year old and a 3 year old is kind of tiring. Who would've thunk it?

July 22 2014

Sites moving from .co.uk → .uk seem to now be causing all sorts of login cookie problems because of "effective TLDs". :-(

July 15 2014

The website formerly known as Ohloh claims that "the name change to Black Duck Open Hub reflects an increasing commitment on our part to the developer community". Yes, nothing says "commitment to developers" like naming yourself after sinister waterfowl.

June 30 2014

browserstack.com is pretty useful. I stopped keeping track of different Internet Explorer versions around about when 7.0 came out. (I still have my copies of IE 3.0 through to IE 6.0 on Windows NT 4.0 knocking about somewhere.)

June 27 2014


XS idea #1: faster XS-based version of Sub::Infix.

XS idea #2: array_contains_str(), array_contains_num(), and array_contains_int() functions. match::simple::XS has shown that it should be possible to write really fast and correct versions of these.

June 26 2014

I've read a few of Charles Stross' short stories on Kindle, and it turns out he delivered the keynote speech at YAPC::NA. Interesting reading.

June 23 2014

Great article: Kids can't use computers.

June 19 2014

I'm getting to the point of wanting to not depend on any CPAN distributions that use Module::Build or Module::Build::Tiny.

June 17 2014

Yay; it looks like namespace::autoclean 0.19 has caught up with namespace::sweep in terms of functionality. And about time too...!

June 15 2014

Latest hurdle for getting Dist::Inkt to build dists via Travis-CI: Module::Signature can't sign the distribution because GPG isn't set up there.
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